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W7 In The Nude Swatches and Review

I was looking at buying the Naked 3 Palette from UrbanDecay but to be honest I couldn't bring myself to spend the money on it. Then one day one of my friends suggested this which cost around £5. The packaging is near enough the same, just feels slightly cheaper, however what does that matter when the shadows are so highly pigmented and near enough a complete dupe for the UrbanDecay.
As you can see on the swatches the lighter pink tones aren't really bright,but that doesn't really matter for me because I have such dark skin. I absolutely love experimenting with different looks from this palette, there is a great mix of shades and you could take just this on holiday to create day and night looks.
I purchased mine on amazon but I have seen it in cheaper makeup shops, If you're not bothered about the branding of a product then I would 100% recommend this.

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