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River Island Paris By Night Perfume

Any perfume thats deemed to be a 'nighttime' fragrance is always going to be up my street. Im not one to wear a light and floral fragrance, Im more a heavy sweet scent such as Angel. However, most of these kinds of fragrances seem to cost an absolute fortune and as a student I can't afford to wear these every day. 

I was in River Island and the queue was especially long which lead me to smelling the perfumes on the stand by the till. I was very very surprised. This perfume was amazing and only £10 for 30ml, what a steal. It has notes of guava, sandalwood and vanilla, similar to most of my other perfumes. 

The packaging isn't cheap and nasty like you would expect for such an inexpensive fragrance too, it is small, minimal and chic. i bought the 30ml rather than paying £2 more for 50, so it would easily slip in to my bags. They also sell a 10ml rollerball for £4 which may be my next little purchase.

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