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Ouseburn Coffee Co - Jesmond

My gorgeous friend Emily and I met up for a catch up at Ouseburn Coffee Co in Jesmond for a late brunch/coffee. Apologies because I forgot to take any pictures inside the shop but as you can see our food and coffees look delicious. 

Ouseburn Coffee Co. originally were in Ouseburn itself, which is located under Byker bridge. However, they have opened another store in Jesmond just near to Tesco. The inside of the cafe is very sleek and trendy with wooden benches and minimal furnishings which is reflective of the young sleek student population of Jesmond. Im a sucker for a latte so that was what I ordered, they came in small coffee cups and at £2.50 wasn't too bad of a price compared to the likes of Starbucks, I also ordered a chocolate twist which is my favourite pastry and all in all mine came to around £5 which isn't too bad. Emily got an Egg, Potato and vegetable tray bake which looked equally as delicious and hers came to about £7 which again is very reasonable considering that was a proper meal size. 
I will be returning here or visiting the other cafe in Ouseburn and would urge you too if you're in the area for some lovely coffee.

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