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Lauren Conrad LA Candy Series - Guilty pleasure?

As you all know I study law at university and this can be pretty intense, so when it comes to my relaxing time reading is not normally in the picture. However, this summer I've made a conscious effort to read more. I'm not talking intense literature novels, Im talking gossipy girly books which any english/novel lover would probably turn their nose up at. I mean I just wanted something I could pick up and put down easily before bed. But the problem is, I can't put this down easily! It's so catchy and trashy and I love it! 
It's about two girls who move to LA to pursue their jobs, end up on a Reality TV show and their lives are thrown in to the spotlight. It's full of gossip, boys and fame. Sounds fabulous I know. 
I hadn't really heard much about this book series even though I was a Hills fan (the TV show which Lauren was on) and kind of stumbled upon them on a whim while I was googling rubbish like 'girly books'. But I'm glad I did. They help me escape and relax from my world and pretend I'm in some kind of Hollywood Dream. 
What's your book guilty pleasure?

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  1. I read these when the first came out and I absolutely loved them! I've just started the second lot :) xx