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Freshers Outfit Wishlist w/ Missguided

I cannot wait to get back to University and even though Im a third year, living in Newcastle, its hard to avoid freshers week.

I absolutely love Missguideds dresses I think they're affordable, good quality and always on trend.
Here I've picked there of my favourite dresses that I might have to have a cheeky purchase of before the University term starts. 

The first dress is the Do Me Anyway Multi Dress  This is a rose pink body-con dress which can be worn in a  variety of ways, I love the idea that you can get more than one outfit out of this. I think they're a really good idea, but I couldn't comment on the practicality of it until I got one. 

Second is the Khaki Crepe Cape Dress I like this because I have really broad shoulders and I think it would really help cover these but it still has skin on show, the only problem may be because I'm slightly fuller chested it may not sit right, but nothing some tape can't fix!

Last is this gorgeous Suede Dress I love the shape of this, I think it would skirt over your curves nicely and really flatter the figure. Suede can be a bit of a nightmare to clean though, so I don't know if I would wear this in a nightclub!

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