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Edinburgh Napier Experience - #EdNapierExp - Day 2

Day Two of our bloggers trip in Edinburgh was filled with workshops, puzzles and food. 

8am, my alarm went off in time for another packed day of activities with Edinburgh Napier University. Rachael briefed us that it would be at the Craiglockhart Campus which was home to Business and Law (the kind of campus I'm more familiar with).

Firstly we had a fantastic workshop with one of the PHD students there at Napier, in which we discussed bloggers and business plans. It was more of an informal chat about what we do and how we see ourselves, whether we are a business entity or we do it as a hobby.
We then spoke to another student, Kathryn, in a gender stereotype workshop. I found this very interesting because I class myself as a feminist and it was great to hear her opinions on it. She also showed us a TEDTALKS video which ill link (here) which was very thought provoking.
I found both of these students were really passionate about what they did, which was so inspiring to me. I hope that our information we gave will help them in the future as much as their workshops benefitted me.

This campus was a bit different because half of it was modern but as you walked deeper in to it it was actually very beautiful and even has its own chapel where you can get married.

We then wandered in to town for a bit of free time, of course stopping at shops like Joe Malone and Space NK (the musts of a beauty lover) but I resisted the urge to buy.
We then met Rachel for an amazing dinner at a restaurant called La Monde - I will be doing a separate post on this.
The most exciting part of the day was going to an Escape Room called Dr Knox's Enigma - this is a crystal maze type puzzle based upon the theme of Burke and Hare, you have 60 minutes to solve it and escape. This was amazing, we all really enjoyed it and would definitely 100% recommend it to anyone visiting Edinburgh.

If you're interested in anything I've talked about in this blog head to their website - here


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  2. I miss the place already!! Was so lovely meeting you, looking forward to reading day 3! xo