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Edinburgh Napier #EdNapierExp Day 3

Day 3 of our Edinburgh Napier Experience, this was our last day and I was sad that it was coming to an end.

We headed to the Sighthill campus which was home to Science, Nursing, Veterinary and Sports Departments and these were all very impressive. 

We started of our tour with Nursing, the facilities here are like non I've ever seen before, they had simulation mannequins that cost up to £75,000 that were incredibly lifelike. The workshop rooms were laid out exactly like hospital wards which meant that the students would already be used to the hospital environments and everything is taught as it would be needed in practice. It was absolutely fascinating to see and I would truly recommend anyone who is considering nursing to go and view Edinburgh Napier University's campus because it really did blow my mind. 

We then saw the Science labs, I used to be a bit of a science geek at school so I really enjoyed this part also, we partook in our own little experiments in which we learnt how to extract DNA from a piece of fruit. As you can see from the photos I really looked the part with my hoop earrings! I really enjoyed this and from what I could see again the facilities were incredible. We toured the microbiology labs where they grow all sorts of different bacteria and even human cells. 

There was a short stop in the Veterinary Nursing faculty, which was really nice. We practiced our bandaging skills on the dogs (which were stuffed but also had a bone like structure inside) and I won the competiton, maybe i'm in the wrong profession? 

The last stop on our whistle stop tour was Sports. I love the gym and anything to do with fitness so this really fascinated me. The equipment here is so good that many professional athletes come to train before heading off to compete. They had a room which the temperature and altitude could be changed in order to prepare athletes for different climates for example it could be dropped to resemble the altitude it is at base camp in Everest (pretty cool ey). We also did an agility test as an example of the studies that went on in the sports science labs to help improve their students fitness. Im not going to put them horrific pictures from that on here though, I'll save your eyes.

After this we went to Camera Obscura which is a 17th century camera that looks over the whole city, made in the style of a Pinhole Camera. This then had an illusion museum underneath which was really fun and different to do. 

After this we visited the Killer Restaurant, which I will be doing a separate post on. 

I would like to give a huge thanks to Rachael, Michelle and everyone at Edinburgh Napier University for inviting us along. I had an absolutely amazing time and I would say that #EdNapierExp was a massive success. 

To anyone thinking of going to Edinburgh Napier I would 100% recommend it, It is an amazing university offering students many opportunities. 


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