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Thailand Part 1 - Bangkok


 Last month, me and 6 other girls from University took the trip of a lifetime to Thailand for a whole month. This was probably one of the best things I've ever done, getting to see such a beautiful country for a full month was amazing. 

 After the 16 hour long travel to get there, we arrived in the bustling city of Bangkok. It was absolutely chaotic and completely different to anywhere I've ever been before. The mix of so many cultures and people and the constant pestering was quite hard to handle after such a long journey. We checked in to the first hostel of many and set out to explore all the city had to offer. 

We took a famous tuk tuk to sights around the city, however because of religious purposes we covered up, which was very difficulty in the heat of 35 degrees+ and the insane humidity. 

We decided on going to the Grand Palace, it had an entry fee of 500 THB but that is only about £10 which is not too pricey for a visitors attraction. I can say it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The details and thought that has gone in to these buildings is amazing. It was very difficult to walk around because of the sheer amount of tourists but it was something that later in the trip we became accustomed too. 

The rest of the time in Bangkok was spent exploring various temples and religious places. 
We also took a long boat trip round the canals in the city, this was a very eye opening experience as you got to see where the people of the city lived and how much of a sheer contrast it was to the houses in the UK. Most of the people living in Bangkok aren't rich despite the tourist population and this was made very clear on this trip.

We then visited the Sky Bar in the more modernised part of the city, the same one which was featured on the film the Hangover. It did not cost to enter the bar, but the deal was that you had to buy a drink. These weren't the cheapest but you are paying for the absolutely amazing views. I would recommend anyone who visits Bangkok to go here just for the pictures!

 Overall, we spent 4 nights in Bangkok, it wasn't the cheapest place in Thailand but it is the capital city and I would say I spent about 80 pounds here including hostels which in the grand scheme of things isn't a lot.

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