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My Second Year at Northumbria

This year has absolutely flown by, I mean I feel like I haven't had time to actually think. It feels like yesterday when I wrote a post about moving in to a new house. As a law student, i'm constantly doing seminar prep (or meant to be) and your week goes in an instant. It's hard to juggle extra activities, for example this blog has been incredibly neglected.

 Of course, It's not all work! Living in Newcastle means that the social life is good and we go out around once or twice a week when Uni work isn't overbearing.

University is a chance to get away from your home town, and mine being really small, means that I got to meet a lot of new people and even more so this year. I feel like I've found my feet and have an amazing group of friends which I wouldn't change for the world. You're all in the same situation and you motivate and encourage each other because you understand the difficulties they're facing. I've loved every second of this year and my only regret would be not taking as much time to continue with this, but now it's summer and I have plenty of time (apart from June when I jet off to Thailand) it will be nice to rekindle my love for blogging.

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