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There are so many things I would like to accomplish in 2015, Im not trying to be cliche here. Everyone says the 'new year, new me' bullshit. It's not that I want to change myself not at all, just make a few small adjustments to my life. Im getting older, creeping out of teenage life to my twenties. I feel this year I need to take myself more serious, uni life included in that. People I know are engaged with children and Im still completely clueless, barely able to decide what I want for dinner never mind contemplating having children. I took the first step of getting a diary (and quite a lovely one from paperchase at that), organisation is always my downfall, I miss things because Im not organised and prepared.
People say you discover who you really are in your twenties and become a lot more comfortable in yourself. Maybe this will happen in the foreseeable future maybe it won't but what I do know is that in the past couple of months I've started to not care about what people think and do what I want. This is the key in being content as I am at present.


  1. such a lovely post! i'm 25 next year and have only just figured out what i want to do, so you've got plenty of time yet :)

    from helen at

  2. I'm right with you, I never make unattainable new years resolutions, what is the point? I've tried the whole 'get fit in January' kind of thing which literally lasts ermm.. the period of January! haha.

    Small changes are key, what a lovely little post!

    Emma | The Fashion Six

  3. Nothing like a bit of stationary from paperchase! X

    Glam night look over at-