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The Naked Deli - Newcastle

My friend and I recently went out for breakfast, and we thought we would try somewhere we knew was healthy and organic, because we are both foodies. We decided on the Naked Deli which is on Chillingham Road in Heaton.
I got the salmon and eggs which was £6 but as you can see you get quite a lot for your money. 
I also got a green juice which was a pressed juice, these were very pricey, but I hadn't tried a green juice before so wanted to give it a go. These were £4 and it tasted delicious. I loved the decor in the cafe, it was very clean but also quirky. 

I would recommend anyone who has a love for healthy and nutritious food to try it here, it may not be cheap but it is definitely worth it. They also stock a myriad of protein cakes and clean cakes. They have daily/weekly salad specials in which you can get to take out which is ideal for lunch breaks from work.

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