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Pump Up App

So I've been loving this app at the moment its like the fitness instagram, it's so motivating and you can share anything you want. 
The app is free on the app store which is good and bloggers such as Carly Rowena are using it! 
There are a variety of different features on here, you can track workouts, weigh in, post photos or log your activities. 
I personally use it to post photos of my meals to motivate me to eat healthier, because I know that everyone can see them. 
I also use their workout builder to do quick at home workouts, you can choose your setting ie. outside, in the house or in the gym. You can also choose the muscles that you want to work and also the equipment you have available, if you have any at all. 

I also love sitting and browsing through everyones posts, its such good motivation when you feel like giving up, seeing everyones posts and workouts it makes you want to do it yourself. 
You can download Pump Up from the app store! 
DISCLAIMER: Some of my posts may contain PR samples which have been gifted to me from a brand, however if they are featured in my blog then all opinions are my own.
Amy x


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  2. This sounds amazing! Been trying to improve my fitness lately and this app might give me that bit more motivation! xx

    Aisling | rosysmiles.blogspot.co.uk

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