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My New House

Sorry I've been m.i.a this past week, but....I MOVED BACK TO NEWCASTLE!
Honestly, summer has been so long and I missed newcastle so much and all my friends from University. I'm starting my second year at Northumbria University and living with my friends in a house. It's nothing flash, but then again neither am I, I love places to be cosy rather than ultra modern. I bought most of the accessories from really inexpensive places such as Wilko, B&M and Primark. I really don't see the point in paying loads of money for things like homewares when you can buy the same but alot cheaper?
My room is the downstairs room, but this really doesn't bother me and I love it regardless.  


  1. I love the fireplace you have in your room, tis lovely! H xx

  2. Your new house gives a delicate bohemian vibe, which I absolutely adore. I'm in love with the color scheme, and the look of the furniture somehow adds a little antiquity to the place. I hope you were able to see the friends you've missed over the summer now that you're back to Newcastle. Take care! :)

    Beverly Roberson @ Texas Renters

  3. Wow! I really love the red and gold theme of your room. The designs and decorations are simple, but they look sophisticated and classy. The classiness adds to the elegance of your new castle. It really fits a beautiful person like you. Thanks for sharing giving us a little tour of your new abode, Amy! All the best to you!

    Lisa Brady @ R and K Custom Homes