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Taste Uni Post: Freshers Bands?!

Are Freshers Bands worth the money? Check out this guest post I did for

So the buzzing question that all prospective Northumbria University students have on their mind… Should I buy a welcome week band? I know this was a difficult decision when it came to me starting Uni, as I wasn’t sure if I would miss out on opportunities to make friends in a new place.
Welcome week bands are bought from the Student Uni and these give you free entry in to the events on within the union for the entire welcome week ie. Freshers. There is an event on every night of the week and your entry is guaranteed, without one you may not be able to get in.
However, these come at a price, I know that in my fresher year of 2013, they cost £50, not cheap I hear you say!
The value of the band really does reflect how much you plan on going to the students union. For some people such as international students these bands are perfect, a way of making new friends. What has to be taken in to consideration is whether you want to go to the same place every night, or whether you want to explore the famous “toon” that is Newcastle and all it’s night-time activities (after all this may be one of the reasons you chose to come to this uni). Events are hosted all over the city for fresher’s, in nearly every night club there will be a fresher event with plenty of cheap drink deals and opportunities to mingle.
  • Free entry to the students union
  • Opportunities to meet new people
  • Guaranteed entry to events
  • Have to stay in one venue to get moneys worth
  • Expensive
  • Some events may not be to your specific taste

Fresher’s 2013 opinions:
“The band came in a lot of use and was well worth the money, the student events were the easiest way of making loads of new friends and meeting new people” Byron Nilsson –History Student.
“I didn’t think it would be worth it, some of the events were not appealing and I knew I would only do a couple.” Callum Blance – Law Student.

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