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Sunday Clear Out

Wow, I should be ashamed.

This is the contents of my middle wardrobe - how grim. I am the most unorganised person, ever. I literally tidied this out a few weeks ago and here it is looking like this again. 
I find being tidy in the space of my own bedroom very hard, yet in places such as the kitchen I'm a bit OCD, tell me how that works? My clothes are creased and flung all over and I can never find anything - so I buy more clothes then the mess gets worse!
Today I spent the afternoon cleaning this out, charity bagging and folding all of these. I am a hoarder so parting with clothes is so hard. But sometimes you just need a good clear out (in order to buy newer clothes). 


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    1. Oh gosh haha its so hard to keep on top of isn't it!

  2. This is how my wardrobe constantly looks!
    Summer x