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Lily Flame Mango Fandango

Isn't that the coolest candle name and description ever?
I got this candle by Lily Flame for my birthday off my dads girlfriend, and it's my new favourite! I love every thing about this candle, the smell is so summery and nice, but not too over powering. 
I love lighting candles on a nice, especially in the winter, it just relaxes me and makes me feel so cosy! I often buy Yankee Candles, but it makes a nice change to burn something else. Lily Flame candles make perfect gifts because they are so lovely and individual. 
The packaging of this candle is a really cute tin, nothing fancy but who cares. The candle inside though has an unusual design with these colourful wax triangles sticking out of the top. The colour of the candle matches the packaging which is super nice. 
Considering how small the candle is, the candle has a lovely smell that fills the room with a sugary mango scent. 
Lily Flame candles are available in many gift shops and amazon for around £6.99.


  1. I love Lily Flame Candles, they smell and look so good, and this candle has the best name ever! Unfotunately I can't take candles into my dorm room next year...H xx

  2. I love Lily Flame candles. I always buy mine from John Lewis! I think my favourite is Snow Fairy!