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Lets Talk Protein

I've recently been trying to loose weight, I mean I'm not overweight really, and I'm by no means saying I'm fat. But I'm not comfortable at the moment and like most teenagers at the moment I am on a health kick.
I've been taking supplements to help aid my weight loss...I am by no means an expert, these are just my opinions.
A high protein diet is really the key in my eyes, i've already lost a few pounds and it's lovely. I eat clean, no preservatives and things that are natural.
I also have a shake for breakfast and one for afternoon snack or post workout.

Slender Blend - This is so heavily promoted at the moment that I kind of had to jump on the bandwagon just to see what it's like. I got slender blend in Vanilla, and at first it was nice, tasted very sweet like ice-cream, but after a while I feel so sick of it. But it does work, it fills me up for a good few hours and its only 140 calories per shake if made with water, which is good. People think that protein will make you bulk...but thats just a myth, it really depends on what kind of protein you buy!
This retails at £30

Protein Works- I also have these two products from the Protein works and they are delicious! I have Chocolate Mint (which tastes like aero) and Cherry Bakewell. These are so easy to drink and they mix so well with no lumps and bumps. I haven't gotten sick of these ones yet because they're sooooo tasty!! The protein works is a really affordable brand of protein and the delivery was really good and fast.
These retail at around £15 - £20. 
if you use the code provided here you get a free pouch of protein 
DISCLAIMER: Some of my posts may contain PR samples which have been gifted to me from a brand, however if they are featured in my blog then all opinions are my own.
Amy x


  1. Such an interesting post, usually when I am trying to get fit I avoid protein, even though I know it is a great and healthy way to loose weight H xx


    1. no protein?!?! as in no chicken?!?!?!?!? don't swear at me :P

  2. Protein is also good for aiding in muscle recovery as well, I use diet whey but I really hate the taste and I was going to try the slender blend but I thought people who were promoting it were just promoting it because they get paid for it and not because it actually works (because half the time I see it promoted I see a full tub and not a used tub likes yours is) So you have changed my mind I will look in to there brand, also never heard of protein works before so I'll have to look in to them as well, my boyfriend might be interest in them too if they do bulking ones because hes been body building for around 2 years now :-) Great post thanks for sharing and converting me to actually be interest in the slender blend
    www.bitofeverythingblog.co.uk // ♥

    1. No problem honey, it is a bit sickly but worth a try x

  3. This is an interesting post! I'm currently trying to gain weight (hopefully via muscle gain), and I'm definitely thinking of adding some protein shakes to my diet. It's great that extra protein can help you lose weight and gain weight, depending on how you add it into your diet :) Plus these all sound so delicious! Who can say no to an Aero shake? :P

    Helen x // Beautiful Curiosities

    1. This is so true! we don't want to be drinking mass gainers haha! z


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