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Garnier Micellar Water

Hello another band wagon product... and yet again I'm late on it.
I bought this because I ran out of cleanser and i'm trying to avoid makeup wipes, even though they're so quick and easy. It was £3.33 from ASDA and well worth it. It removes all my makeup so quickly and easily. I just use one or two cotton pads, depending on what I have on, i.e. red lipstick and dark eyeshadow. 
I love the packaging it resembles the slightly more pricey Bioderma, which I haven't tried but I can't see it being a lot different. It doesn't really have a smell as you would expect it not too with it being "water". It doesn't sting your eyes like some cleansers either which is a bonus. 
I mean it's not something that will magically change your skin care routine, but for pure simplicity and ease it will be a staple in my life from now on. 


  1. Looks really good!I use the l'oreal one !



  3. I'm late to jump on this one too but i saw it in Asda for £3.33 and couldn't resist.

    Its gonna be staying in my routine from now on.

    Keli | xx