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The Orange Edit ft Topshop

Not many of you actually know me in person, but if you do you'll know that I LOVE the colour orange. I just can't help it, any makeup item I buy that's colourful will be orange, accessories will be orange. I mean it's just so bright and instantly cheers me up! 
I will be seen sporting an orange nail and an orange lip most days, and do you know what, love it or hate it I really couldn't care less. Wearing orange instantly adds something to my outfit, it makes me feel more alive and more confident. It's perfect for any season and any occasion. I wear it to work, to shop, to go out for meals and even clubbing. It makes you stand out.
I've been loving these Topshop products at the moment as I recently purchased them with some birthday money, they're just beautiful colours.
The nail varnish goes on super easy and lasts a good couple of days and the lipstick is bright and doesn't dry out my lips....what more could you want?


  1. I'm a massive fan of that nail polish, what a beautiful shade! Your photos are really pretty, too! Love this post, there's not enough orange in the world :)

    1. Thank you! the world is better with more orange! xx