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Theres me, with no makeup on at all... even a bit of dry shampoo on my shoulder.
Im not one of them people who won't leave the house without makeup, but putting a photo of yourself on the internet for all to see is a little challenging.

Me: I mean I have pretty good skin, no spots as you can see, but my skins very dull without makeup,  the colour isn't the same all over and its certainly lighter than my body. To be around people I know without makeup is a struggle, I have to trust the person 100% and feel comfortable with them. It's almost like makeup is my confidence and without it I just feel plain.
Im always seen sporting a bright coloured lipstick, something to catch the eye, and maybe this is used as almost my shield, my comfort blanket. It makes me feel confident and I think by wearing it, It looks to others that Im a confident person as well.
I've never had dreadful spotty skin or acne, but being surrounded by people who you feel are a lot prettier than you kind of forces you to only feel beautiful with makeup. 
And thats wrong. 

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, with makeup, without makeup. We should all have the confidence to strut around bare faced without a care in the world. 

#ProjectBareAll was created by blogger Megan Jane Lillie of and it is to show that we can all be confident without products. Upload your post, tag your photos with the hashtag on instagram and feel great. I know its nerve-wracking but we can all do it. 


  1. You're so gorgeous! Great post and a wonderful project, shall definitely get involved
    L xo

    1. Awh thank you honey, you should definitely do a post xx