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Day off Work/Sunbathing

Luckily, today I've had the day off work, this is because my dog Maisie just got spayed, so I said I'd stay at home and watch her to make sure everything was alright.
Turns out that the sun is blaring and its 20 degrees + so as we speak, I'm sat in the garden enjoying it while I can. Im lucky that with having olive skin I don't really burn easy and can sit out all day easily. I grabbed my new Land Law book - I know fun right? and decided to read it to try and give myself an insight in to next year at uni. This resulted in me falling asleep face down for the past hour and a half. I've also been trying to drink as much water as I can because my skin has got really bad all of a sudden, I use the Aladdin bottle as you can see on the picture and I think its 600ml of water, and at 4pm I'm on my 3rd bottle which will do me just fine. It's essential to keep hydrated but as I've been sat in the sun all day it's even more of a priority. 
Today I've been sporting a £3 strapless sun dress from Primark - no tan lines for me. My hair in a top knot to keep it out of the way and my favourite sunglasses from Urban Outfitters. I feel the shape of them really compliments my face as they are oversized and I think I have a chubby face.
The last picture is my dog Maisie enjoying the sun, she's a 2 year old cocker spaniel and is the most adorable dog. 
Hope you are all enjoying the sun!


  1. Maisie looks so cute. love the bottle, I try and drink lots of water too, its great for any skin issues.