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Barry M Brow Kit - Benefit Brow Zings Dupe?

ooooo look at the mess behind me! not attractive, really need to get more organised there. 
However, lets get to the point. I bought the Barry M Brow Kit, after originally wanting the Benefit Browzings, but come on, who really wants to pay that much to colour in your eyebrows, not me!
Now looking at this palette compared to the Benefit version there isn't that much difference. The colour is the same. There's a wax and a powder, and the packaging is nearly the same. 
The Barry M Brow Kit was £5 from Boots ( or any drugstore for that matter ) I mean you can't fall off for that price I don't think.
Firstly I apply the wax to shape my brows using a small angled brush, I then use the powder to fill them in, simple. However when I tried to use the highlight that comes in this set it's very chalky, and there is a lot of excess fall off, so be careful.
It also comes with a tiny brush (which I lost within a day) and a small set of tweezers, which really are small, god help you if you have bigger hands than mine. I haven't used these because they're too much of a mess on for me. 
Overall would I recommend this? Yes I would. It's cheap and I'm one of them people that If I can get something relatively similar to a high end product for cheaper then I will.
It does the job perfectly, the only problem is that it only comes in one colour so far, so may be a bit dark for some people!  


  1. It sounds like a great cheap alternative for sure!

    Thanks for your blog link, your blog looks great!


  2. It's a really good dupe! I also like brows that by no17 but the powder and wax are a lot smaller on that, whereas these look a similar size to benefit, plus a highlighter!

    S xo.

    1. oh I'll deffs have to have a look for that one too x

  3. This stuff sounds great :)


  4. Sounds like a great dupe, may have to make a trip to Boots soon! H xx

  5. Sounds like a really good alternative and so much cheaper as well! I recently picked up a collection brow kit for £3.99 and I love it. Shows you don't always have to splash out on the expensive brands!

    sammy xx

  6. Where's that little cupcake from? It's really cute!

    Ali |

  7. I love Benefit's Brow Zings, but it's always nice to know there's a great dupe on the market :) Great review! xx

    Beauty In My Mind