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Babuchos Newcastle

Oh my god where do I start, this is an amazing restaurant in Newcastle and their 'Rapido' menu is such good value, I mean who needs to go to a chain restaurant???
Two courses for £10.95 will do me nicely, real home cooked food and so tasty better than the likes of TGI's. 
I had a portabello mushroom and pesto bruschetta to start and a chicken ceaser  salad for main which had SO much chicken on which was great, and 100% worth the money. 
The staff in there are super friendly too, which is always a bonus. 
I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is visiting Newcastle because all of the food is completely delicious and satisfying!!


  1. Walked past Babucho hundreds of times but never ever been in, I should probably take a look at some point!

    Chloe x

    1. I'd deffinitely try it if I was you x

  2. i love babucho's, i used to go there at least 3 or 4 times a month when my bf lived near town :) also hey for being a local blogger!

    from helen at

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