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I love Summer TAG

1. Favorite bronzer for summer?
Hoola Bronzer by Benefit as its matte and easily build-able.

2. You're relaxing in a hammock, on a tropical island. What are you sipping on? (Favorite summer drink) Coconut Water would be the non alcoholic beverage and Mojitos because theyre my favourite cocktails.

3. Favorite summer lip product?
An orange lip for definite!

4. Pool or Beach?
Pool, I don't really enjoy getting sand all over me and in my hair.

5. Summer = crazy hair! What's your must-have styling product?
Salt Spray to make it look like beachy waves.

6. Sun bathing or fake tan?
Sun bathing even though its so bad for your skin, always make sure you wear an SPF.

7. Favorite summer nail polish?
Models Own Hed Kandi Collection - Hedonist

8. Any summer traditions?
Nope none.

9. Favorite summer scent?
The newly discovered Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder

10. Favorite BBQ food?
Chicken and Veg Kebabs

11. What's your favorite summer-proof product?
Waterproof Mascara, to beat them hayfever watering eyes!!

12. Any summer vacation plans this year? No plans? Tell us about your dream summer trip!
No plans, my dream trip would be Thailand, exploring the culture, sipping cocktails and lying on the beach! 


  1. I love an orange lip in summer too, one of my favourite colours for the days when I'm brave enough :)

    Gab xo |