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Favourite Nail Varnishes of the Summer

1. Barry M Gelly Nail Paint - Blueberry
Im not normally one for pastels but this is just gorgeous, it compliments your tan and just completes an outfit, I have had so many compliments when wearing this!

2. Barry M Gelly - Satsuma
I've gone through at least 3 bottles of this this year already! I absolutely love it, orange is one of my favourite colours and this is bright enough to catch peoples eyes but not overly bright that its tacky.

3. Models Own- Hedonist 
This is like a neon pink/orange which looks absolutely divine with bronzed skin, it goes on really easy and dries to almost a matte effect, however make sure its fully dry because it can be very tacky!

4. Barry M - White
Some people love it some people hate it, and if gone wrong it can look like a bad tipex job! But this like all Barry M Nail Varnishes goes on great and looks great....until it starts to chip.

5. Leighton Denny - Caught Red Handed 
This red is so chic and classy, it will literally go with anything and never go out of style. It goes on like a dream, I'd never heard of this brand before but I will definitely be purchasing a few more colours!


  1. Thank you for sending over your link on Twitter! I like the shades you got there, especially the Leighton Denny one!

    Olivia xxx Beauty from the Fjord

    1. It goes on amazing as well definitely worth a try xx

  2. These are all such beautiful colours and really lovely for summer, I love Barry M nail varnishes :) I really want to try white but am just a little too scared that it'll look silly on me!
    Love Holly x

    1. honestly just try it :) sometimes people comment like "urgh have you tippexed your nails" but its like oh get over it :) x

  3. I love the Barry M Gelly polishes, Blueberry is one of my favourites! Great choices :)
    I'm just visiting from the #bbloggers chat earlier, I'd love it if you could pop over to my blog too! :)

    Jess xo