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Bertie Jarny Sandals

I wanted to invest in some sandals that would be comfy, yet also look nice with anything I wear. After traipsing round Newcastle centre for what seemed like weeks trying to find some, I popped in Fenwicks and behold I found these on the Bertie stand and I fell in love...

At £65 it was a massive step (excuse the pun) for me to buy these, I wouldn't normally dream of paying that much for a pair of sandles. But I took my mothers advice and bought a "sensible good quality" shoe. 
These are leather strapped so they are nice and soft and I've walked miles in them with no rubbing or blisters, which is unusual for my tiny size 3 feet. The sole of the shoe is perfect and padded meaning they are so comfortable, which is what you need when you live in a city and your mode of transport is your feet. Also they look great with any outfit, a summer dress, jeans or even leggings. 

Im so glad that I took the leap and invested in these and I would 100% reccomend them to anyone if you're after a comfortable yet still stylish shoe!


  1. These look really comfortable. I need a good pair of sandals like these.

    Sarah x

  2. love so much this sandals!

  3. Love the sandals! They looks like they could go perfectly with any outfit!