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Loreal Micellar Water - Review

Micellar water has been the "in" skincare product the last year or so within the makeup industry. Bioderma being the product that was raved about by everyone, however it is fairly difficult to get hold of and quite expensive.
Hello Loreal's version! The first thing that drew me to this product was the price, I picked mine up for £4.99 in my local boots (bargain!). My skincare routine is not the best, I am well known for using makeup wipes to remove all my makeup. This product is simple to use,  I just squirt a tiny bit on a cotton pad and use it to rub off my makeup. It is very refreshing on the skin and removes most of my makeup easily. The only thing is that my mascara does not come off easy with this, however it is waterproof so therefore a bit stubborn. 
The shape of the bottle is also a tad annoying because some of the product can end up running down the side and you end up wasting some of it. 
For £4.99 I think it's a fantastic price for a good product, I would definitely repurchase this and recommend this to others!

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