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5 Things About Living at University

1. Learn to Budget
I know this is probably the most common thing people say when you're moving to university, but its true. If you learn how to budget you will never have a problem with money. I allocate my money for the week and spend it how I feel is necessary. This makes getting them new items feel a lot more special! 

2. Make Yourself At Home 
Your going to be living in the room at university for at least 5 months, you may as well make it homely. Even a set of fairy lights makes all the difference, you can get cheap home accessories from many places on the high street such as Wilko. 

3. Beware of the Electric
I know some halls you don't get an electric allowance, but if you do, you need to be sensible. If your charging something up when it has done turn it off. If you leave a room, turn a light off. It's all pretty simple really. 

4. Books
Come to terms with the fact that your University course is most likely going to require you to buy a silly amount of books. These are also going to be expensive. If you don't want to buy them new, look at getting them off an older student or on ebay. Remember, you may not need the newest edition. 

5. Fun 
The best thing so far at University is having fun, you get to meet amazing people, go out, learn new things and live by yourself. It's a whole different life away from home, but theres always the chance to escape it all and pop back for the weekend to see your family. 

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