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Winter Tag!

Since winter is coming up, here is a winter tag for you all! 

❄  Top 2 Winter Beauty Essentials

 A maroon/dark red lipstick is definitely one of them, I think it just gives your outfit that finishing touch. Also Handcream (of any kind) is a complete essential for me because my hands get very very dry in the winter months!

❄  Fave Winter Candle

Yankee Candle - Vanilla Chai is my fave at the moment, its so spicy and warm. 

❄ Top 2 Winter Clothing Essentials

Boots, any boots! Ankle boots, long boots, Dr Martens!! 
A good cosy scarf to keep you warm and snug

❄ Fave Winter Nail varnish

A glittery red to get in to the festive mood! 

❄ Does it snow where you live?

Yes it snows occasionally

❄ Fave winter drink

Chai Latte or Gingerbread Latte, they're spicy and warm you up inside! They also remind me of christmas time.

I Tag ANYONE who reads this :)!!! 

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