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Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

Sorry about the poor quality photos, I left my camera at home, I will soon have it back though hurray!!
Since moving to Newcastle, I've been so excited to venture in to Space.NK as we don't have one where I lived previously. I couldn't resist buying this little gem!

 As you can see the packaging is quite basic, but it feels expensive, it is similar to one of the Chanel foundation packaging, the only annoying thing about this is that it doesn't come with a pump. The pumps are actually £4 extra, which I feel is expensive when you are already paying £30 for the foundation.

I got skin matched by the shop assistant and she gave me this one, which is medium with pink undertones, which is unusual for me as I normally get yellow undertones, however it does match well. This is a new colour in the collection this year.

The consistency of the foundation is very runny because it is water based, you will notice as you pore it out that it will run across your hand easily. 
When on the face I don't feel like it gives an overly 'Dewy' finish, just a nice glow to the skin. I have notice that it does oxidise a bit on my skin, but this is nothing that a fixing spray won't settle. 

I feel this foundation is worth the hype and would definitely repurchase it!


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