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My Perfume Collection

Here's a little sneak peak in to the perfumes that I use on a day to day basis, although some of them are running low, and as a new student i know this is not a good situation!

This is my all time favourite perfume, although I have found that it's like marmite, people either love it or they hate it. For the 100ml bottle like I have it can cost anywhere up to £90 which is very much on the pricey side, but its 100% worth it. The perfume contains notes of vanilla, chocolate and caramel and is very sickly sweet.

This perfume is incredibly popular in the UK and a 30 ml bottle retails for around £36, it contains notes of Neroli, Lily of the valley, Gardenia, Hyacinth, Patchouli, Honey. 

Prada Candy again is a very sweet perfume as the title would imply, it retails around £55 for a 50 ml bottle which again isn't the most affordable but it is worth it.

Vera Wang- Lovestruck

This perfume was a gift to me but I love it all the same, it again is fairly sweet with notes of fruit but also musk to balance out the flavours, this is around £35 for 30ml.

This fragrance isn't my favourite in the collection as it is a bit too fresh for me as it contains top notes of grapefruit and cucumber, where as I prefer sickly sweet perfumes. 
This is around £50 for 50ml.

Hope you enjoyed a glance in to my perfume collections! 


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