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My First MAC Lipstick

So whilst me and my mum were in London for my 18th Birthday, I couldn't resist making a trip to the MAC shop as we don't have one close to where I live. I saw this lipstick and just had to make a purchase. 

I had originally planned on buying Ruby Woo, a well known bloggers lipstick, however this one caught my eye and seemed to be quite a bright summery shade! As you know MAC lipsticks aren't the cheapest so the colour had to be really special. 

So Chaud is part of the Matte collection and cost me £15 and it was worth every penny! 
The colour is inbetween an orange and a red lipstick and is so eye-catching, I frequently get compliments on it. 

Although I do love this lipstick I find it to be very drying on the lips as it is a matte finish ( this would be my only con ) but then again most of this collection I imagine would be the same. 

What was your first MAC lipstick? 


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