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Barry M Gelly Blue Grape

So I popped in to Boots recently and couldn't resist another Barry M Gelly purchase, these Hi-shine nail varnishes keep creeping in to my shopping basket.

I chose this Cobalt blue colour called Blue Grape because it was the first one to catch my eye, it's a colour that I don't have in my collection of nail varnishes and thought it would work well in the autumn/winter. 
The nail polishes themselves are great, they glide on very easily with no sticking . The brush is a good shape and they only need a couple of coats to give a great shiny finish. 

These nail polishes are available at all drugstores such as Boots and Superdrug, they are an inexpensive alternative to the gel nails, although they do not last the same amount of time without chipping. 
I feel like I will soon own the whole collection of these as they give such a great finish!

Whats your favourite colour of these polishes? 


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