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Sleek Contour Kit Review

<centre> One of my fave new purchases this month is the very famous Sleek Contouring Kit, I purchased this in the shade Light even though I haven't got very pale skin.
One side of the kit is a matte brown bronzer which  doesn't seem to look orange like some that I've used before and the other is a pearlescent highlighter that has a slight shimmer to it.
I had never purchased any kind of contouring kit before and was highly shocked at how much it can shape your face! I apply it to my Cheekbones, temples, jawline and sometimes the sides of my nose to create quite a defined look.

They are both very pigmented and the highlighter is not chalky at all, I do love a good highlighter so there was really no surprise that I loved this one!
Sleek makeup isn't available from my local Boots or Superdrug, however I did order it online from Amazon and it cost a respectable £6.50 which is worth it 100%.


  1. I nominated you for the Liebster award because I like your blog (and hopefully you'll get a few followers?) Hope you'll do it!xxx

  2. Lovely review and nice blog!
    I'm now following you :)

    Love if you could check out my blog too x

    1. Thank you for the compliment honey!
      I'll defiantly check your blog out now! xx

  3. I was orginally looking to buy this but I bought the face form kit instead but I think it's more or less the same thing. It's so good, isn't it?! Great review, Amy xo

    1. Yes I love it, such great value for money!!!
      Its a shame my superdrug doesn't sell the brand here xxx