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Mothers Day Gift - Urban Decay Naked Flushed

As requested by my mother, I bought her the new Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette for mothers day (early I know) , it retails at £20 and can be purchased from any stockists ie. Debenhams. I was very excited by this product as I love the Naked range. 
I features a Bronzer, Highlight and Blushed in the palette that are made for all skin colours ( or so it claims ). 

Bronzer - It is what seems a medium/dark brown colour with a kind of orange undertone. I found that the bronzer is in fact quite sheer and with my skin tone needs to be built up alot in order for it to really contour the face. 

Blusher- The blusher is a nice pink shade on appearance, however when I applied it to the apples of my cheeks it made me look overly flushed, like a drag queen almost, it may work for other skin tones but definitely not mine. 

Highlight - The highlight is a pearly pink colour which contrasts to the more gold tones that I usually go for, It has a huge amount of shimmer with in it, and makes my cheeks glow, I wouldn't say that it is a subtle highlight but I do love it. 

My mum is very happy with the product and I probably would recommend it to others, the only downside too it is the bronzer as I love to really define my cheekbones!


  1. It does look really pretty!xo

  2. It is, she loves it bless her haha! just needs some decent brushes to apply it with!!