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Home Decor #1 with Next!

I will soon hopefully be going to university and that means buying new home items! 
I am completely in love with very tranquil and peaceful decor at the moment, I love the bali style items that make me feel more intact with my spiritual self.

My fave item at the moment is this gorgeous Buddha Tapestry Cushion ( Next ) retailing at £12 I absolutely love the image on the front, it's very classic and will never look old.

I also love this Embossed Heart Sculpture £16 its such a pretty sculpture and would be perfect in my new uni room to make it homely. 

I also love these wall art designs, they're very individual and not to everyones taste but I think they'd look great on any colour walls! Tea and Coffee Canvases £30. 

What decor themes are you guys enjoying at the moment? 


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