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My Daily Makeup

Hi guys,
Just a quick post of what I wear day to day makeup wise, I tend to stick to a very neutral look during the day for college, wearing a lot of browns and nudes.

I have recently purchased the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in the shade 220, I feel that this foundation works very well with my skin type as it doesn't create an oily finish and leaves me with flawless looking dewy skin.
My go to mascara is They're Real by Benefit as it gives me a very natural long lash and never seems to cake up.

As you can see I do have fairly thick brows which I just go over with a pencil to fill in the gaps and neaten them up. 



  1. I adore your eyebrows, i wiah someone would do mine for me every day! Also, do you wear fake tan? Youre such a lovely colour! Finally, i have tried to follow you but i cant find your follow bit, am i missing it haha? Xxx

    1. Yeah i wear fake tan haha but I am naturally quite tanned, damn this English weather!!
      and I didnt actually have one on haha! I'm literally brand new to this, I think Ive put one up but im not sure hahaha let me know if its on now xxx

  2. Alright for some! Which tan do you wear?
    I think im following you now haha :)xxx

  3. haha! :) I just wear that cheap St Moriz, I find it works as good as some of the high end brands :) xxx