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Benefit "That Gal" Review

So here it goes, my first upload to this, sad to say it did take me about an hour to choose the title.
Anyway my first review is the Benefit "That Gal" brightening face primer.

Firstly, the packaging of this product is fairly simple, plastic white bottle, nothing special for the price of the product which retails at aprox. £21. 
The distribution of the product is slightly different to a normal primer as the bottom is twisted and the product comes through the top of the container. This means that if it is in your makeup bag and the lid falls of it will not waste any of the product as it is not a pump. 
The product comes out a fairly pigmented pearly pale pink and has a creamy texture. Like most Benefit products it is fragranced and smells like a sickly strawberry milkshake which may not be to everyones taste.
As shown on the picture it does brighten the skin, i also find it evens out the texture of it. I would usually wear this under my foundation or on its own if I'm having a casual day. 

Overall the retail price of £21 i do feel is worth it, it does exactly what it says on the tin. However it is fairly creamy so if you have oily skin I would defiantly finish it with a powder to stop the sheen. 


  1. I love this primer - it works quite well as an eye primer. Keeps the eyeshadow from creasing and it lasts all day. Best of all, as it's placed above the nose, the smell doesn't bother me. Great review!
    My Beauty Junction

  2. Thanks for the compliment :)
    I like the smell of this in all honesty im a fan of all things sweet! x