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Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

I love everything about Christmas and I love giving gifts, but there are soo many options on the market and in the shops that you are very much spoilt for choice. I have put together my ultimate Christmas Gift Guide featuring all of my favourite brands of all ranges.

High Street Perfumes

Most people tend to go for really expensive designer fragrances when it comes to Christmas time, however sometimes it is nice to get something that is a little bit less expensive and more of a stocking filler. My favourite at the moment is this Accesorize Lovelily perfume, it is so light and fresh which really makes a change compared to all of the heavy evening scents that are on the market. I have been wearing it literally every day.


Soap and Glory

Soap and Glory are hands down one of my favourite brands in the drugstore, I could open my own shop I have that much of their products. I always think that there is something for everyone when it comes to Soap and Glory. They have the most amazing gift sets that are always on 3 for 2 in the Christmas period in Boots which is fabulous. I also really love their makeup, they are really on point with the range that they offer, my personal favourite is their 'Super Cat Eyeliner.' Everyone loves a Soap and Glory stocking filler.

Drugstore Makeup

I really love receiving odd bits of drugstore makeup pieces, they make great stocking fillers and also may not be something that you would necessarily pick yourself. Palettes are great pics as they always contain a variety of different choices of makeup, for example these Revlon ones, they contain Eyeshadows, Lipsticks and also Bronzers and Blushers. Sometimes in a palette I think that you get shades that you wouldn't normally wear but it lets you experiment a bit more.

Charlotte Tilbury 
Charlotte Tilbury is the big name on every makeup lovers lips, nearly every product she launches is raved about and rightfully so. I absolutely love the fragrance by her, it is not for everyones taste and i'm not going to lie, I didn't think it would be to mine, however I often reach to it for evenings out. I also love the gift sets that they have to offer, although on the pricey side they are a real luxury, featuring some of her most well known products.





Benidorm Holidays with Holiday Gems

If anyone would have asked me if I fancied going to Benidorm on holiday, the answer would have probably been no. This summer in a spur of a moment plan, a few of us University friend decided to book a daft holiday away before we all headed off the the real world. We looked at the usual party haunts online but decided that we wanted somewhere fairly cheap and cheerful and came to the conclusion that we were going to go to Benidorm. There was a group of around 15 of us so we knew it would be the perfect place to catch the sun but also have a laugh.

While we were out there it was my birthday, we ventured away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist part to the Old Town which is actually really beautiful, a lot less of a drinking place and more of a chilled out vibe. We had the most delicious seafood meal on the sea front and then went to a tiny bar down a side street and consumed far too much Sangria. 

The rest of our time was spent sunbathing by the pool during the day and then heading out to the restaurants and bars on the night. We were spoilt for choice as there are so many places to choose from, you are literally surrounded by them.  There was also a huge mix in people there, it really has something for everyone.

We stayed in the Paraiso 10 Apartments which were self catering, they were in an ideal location, not too far from the bars but also far enough to not be amongst the hustle and bustle of everything. The whole holiday cost us around £240 each including flights which for the price you can't fall off, we had a great time and a week in the sun to celebrate finishing University. 

Finding your Interior Style

I love all things interiors, literally I will sit and browse Pinterest forever on a night time just looking for inspiration for a home that I don't even own! When it comes to decorating, each person has their own unique taste, they know exactly the style that they want and the kind of things they want in it.
The lovely people at Rattan Direct have put together a guide on the different interior styles for you to take inspiration from, once you find the style that you like, you can get researching, pinning and decorating! That being said you don't need to go exactly for one style, you can mix it up a bit, play around with the space that you have and create something that is individual to you. 

My personal favourite kind of style is a cross between Scandinavian and Minimalist, I like things to be clean but also homely. I've recently discovered that buzz word that is flying about the blogging and online world 'Hygge' - meaning enjoying life's simple pleasure, being cosy and in the moment. This is something I definitely want to implement in to my house now and also my future home. It's about making your house your sanctuary, having places where you can sit and enjoy quiet time such as reading or watching a film, but having a home thats welcoming to others. 

There are tonnes of places that you can seek inspiration from when you are finding your own personal style from online to books. 

This post is in collaboration with Rattan Direct but all opinions and interior desires are my own.

Autumn/Winter Lush Bloggers Event at Intu Eldon Square

A couple of weeks ago, I was very honoured to have been invited to a Bloggers Breakfast by the lovely people at Lush Newcastle. This was in aid of trying their new Autumn and Winter products and I was really excited to have a sneak peak at all of their Christmas items as they are a firm favourite of mine. 

I headed to the store bright and early at 8am and was greeted by the lovely people who work at the stores and vegan pizzas provided by PizzaStorm (which I will certainly be checking out after trying these!). 
I have to say for a morning in October, they had me feeling pretty festive with Michael Buble's Christmas album playing in the background.

After we had a chance to take some photos of all of the new products, we were divided in to groups and my groups first stop was the bath section. 

We went through all of the bath bombs, jelly bombs and bubble bars and I have a few firm favourites. 

1. The Classic Candy Mountain Bar - Give yourself the best kind of sugar rush with this sweet treat. Crumble this pink and white helterskelter under running water to create sugar-frosted peaks that will leave you smelling sweet all day. Vanilla warms and comforts while you bask in blush coloured waters.

2. Plum Snow - Tell Jack Frost to get lost and leave your nose alone. This joyfully juicy bubble bar will have you dancing in a blizzard of fruity foam. Crumble under running water to whip up a flurry of plum and Sicilian mandarin scented bubbles and let them whisk your worries away. As you bathe, a hint of osmanthus catches on the breeze with a tantalising promise of spring.
Let it plum snow, let it plum snow, let it plum snow.

3. Christmas Cracker - Let's be honest, they may have terrible jokes, ill-fitting paper hats, frogs that flop and snaps that just don't but, you can't deny that pulling a cracker at Christmas isn't a fun tradition that never fails to cheer you up. Christmas Cracker bubble bar is no exception. This bright bubble bar is bursting with uplifting lemon myrtle and lime essential oils. Neroli will ensure you're full of Christmas cheer while popping candy makes sure your bathtime goes with a bang. Whether you're pulling your own this year or sharing with a friend, get cracking

After this, we were taken to a station in which we could make our own Bubble Bar. I know that lush do maker parties in the store, but I have never attended one so I was really excited to make my own products. We made the Sunnyside Bubble bar and let me tell you, there was glitter floating everywhere. I mean literally I was head to toe in black and left looking like i'd been rolling in glitter. 

 As you can see, I tried to make a heart but it didn't really turn out as I had planned!!

 After making our bubble bars, we were taken to look at the soaps and shower products. 

I have never used any of Lush's soaps before but we were shown all of them and one that I am definitely considering purchasing is the Golden Pear - I absolutely loved the smell of this. Described on the website as 

'A jar of pear purée
Murumuru butter

Warming cardamom oil

Some agave syrup

Brazillian orange oil

Organic cocoa butter
A drop of almond oil
Five Golden things!
Sandalwood oil
Creamy coconut
A whole organic clove...
...Are all part of Golden Pear soap'

And it comes in a really cute pear shape which would look nice sat in your bathroom for all your festive guests to see.

The theme of Lush this year is 'Naked' - meaning the products are package free making them more environmentally friendly! I love this concept as Lush has always been one to lead in innovation in the cosmetic industry. 

As for scents, the absolute favourite Snow Fairy is back as i'm sure we're all happy about. I did discover a new scent thanks to a few bloggers and that was Twilight. I absolutely am in love with it, I purchased a bottle of it and haven't stopped using it in the shower on a night. It calms me and leaves me ready for bed! 

All of the Shower Products are now available in the 'Naked' form which means you can get your favourite and be a bit kinder to the environment.

I had an absolute blast at this event and it's really made me want to try more Lush products in the future. Thank you to the people at Lush and thank you to Eldon Square for hosting us. 

Here is a link to check out all of the lovely products that they have to offer this season - Halloween and Christmas.

Autumn Knits ft JD Williams

Now if you’re like me you’ve probably heard of JD Williams, but have never checked them out. I always remember them as having Lorrainne (you know the one off ITV) in their adverts. When the PR reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to try some of their clothes I had a browse on the website and realised that there was a lot more that I would wear than I had anticipated. 

As it is coming in to autumn/winter I thought why not get some staples that will see me through, nothing particularly fancy, just some really good knits that will work with tonnes of different outfits. 

The first was this black chunky knit with the ruffled sleeve. I have seen these sleeves everywhere on the high street, but sometimes I do think that they are a bit ‘extra’ and impractical. I think that this jumper has hit the nail on the head. It is ‘on trend’ but it is something that I can wear year in and year out.

The other jumper I got was this muted geometric jumper which incorporates white, black and navy in the design. I was a bit unsure of whether or not I would like this but I actually love it! The colours are great, the feel of the material is super cosy and I think I will get an awful lot of wear out of this.

Both of the garments that I got from JD Williams are made really well and I’m sure will last me a long time.

As well as the jumpers, I also got these super cute ankle boots which I am wearing in the pictures, I absolutely love these, however they are slightly on the wide side for me but I do have the teeniest feet so that’s an issue I face all the time! These are a real classic staple boot though that I would literally wear all the time, during the day for work or out for nice drinks. 

If you haven’t checked out JD Williams before, I suggest you do, some of the clothes I personally wouldn’t wear but the website literally has something for everyone on it, especially those timeless staple pieces that would stay in your wardrobe for years to come.

New House: Bedroom Interior

I've recently moved in to my first 'grown up' house, it's still rented but so long are the days of student lettings. With the aim of spending the next few years in this flat, I wanted to make it as cosy as possible. 
I really love minimal furniture and colour schemes so I was opting for greys, pinks and whites. I've found that Primark actually do really affordable and nice bedding. This marble bedding set was only £14 for a king size, then not much more for the base sheets and extra pillowcases which I thought was an absolute bargain. As well as this, I always buy decorative cushions from Primark as they do a great selection and the plain fluffy ones are £6 for two!
When I first moved in, my room was looking a bit bear and lacking in furniture. I picked up these square shelves from Ikea, they're not the signature ones, but a cheaper version that was £29. They don't seem as stable but for what I needed them for they are perfect. 

I have also developed a love for plants this year, I literally want to make our house a jungle, which will come eventually! These cactus and plant pots were 99p from Ikea which is a bargain, as well as these I have an Ivy plant that I picked up from my local garden centre. 

I also found some of these white blinds on the VELUX Website (here) which are really nice and fit in with my interior perfectly. I would also love to get my hands on some plain grey curtains to make my room a tad more homely. 

It is still a work in progress but so far I am loving the items that I got hold of and I managed to spend such little money!