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How I Style a Trench Coat

As I live in England and the weather is unpredictable no matter what the season is, a trench coat is an absolute essential in my wardrobe. I feel that it is one of the most timeless pieces in fashion, it comes back each year, the styles may vary but it is always in the shops or on the runway in some shape or form.  

This post is a collaboration with the amazing brand Jack Wills and is part of their campaign 'How to Style a Trench Coat.' Jack Wills stock a few different styles of women's trench coats in their stores and on their websites. 

My personal favourite style of coat is the classic fitted trench - similar to the Ambrose Trench that is on the Jack Wills website.  It literally can be paired with anything, from workwear to casual attire. It is a wardrobe staple for many people (including me). This season there are tonnes of different colours on the market, my particular favourite is the dusty pink (also known as millennial pink), but I have yet to get my hands on one of these.

My go to is currently one from Warehouse (similar one here) that I have owned for a good few years now and it continues to get almost daily wear especially in the autumn. The neutral colour of the jacket means that I can wear it with pretty much any outfit, making it super easy to style. The only downside is it does get dirty fairly easily but this is easily solved. 

When I'm looking for a coat it can often be quite difficult as I am petite so my main tip would be to make sure that it is just above the knee - I've found that this is my ideal length as it is the most flattering, any longer and I look shorter than I am!

Moving in to autumn/winter I would love to pick up a trench in a different colour to add to my ever growing coat collection.  What kind of trench do you love?

High End vs Drugstore Conditioners : Two that I Love

There are so many conditioners on the market at the moment I really never know which ones to try. As someone who has super thick hair, striking a balance between getting sleek nice hair and it turning in to a greasy mess. 


One of my all time favourite conditioners is the L'occitane Repairing Conditioner for Dry and Damaged hair. I love how natural L'occitane products are. 

'Made with five essential oils (ylang-ylang, sweet orange, lavender,geranium, angelica) and plant-derived amino acids, which help repair the hair fiber. Its smooth texture, enriched with sweet almond oil and vitamin B5, helps to smooth, soften and protect hair fibres.'

I have found that this really nourishes my hair and prevents it from tangling (something I have a really bad issue with). Another good thing about this product is despite having a price tag of £19, the bottle seemed to last me forever. Sometimes I think that investing in higher end products and spending a little bit more on them means that you use less and they last longer, rather than buying a £1 conditioner that lasts a couple of weeks. 

However, although I've just advocated a high end conditioner above, sometimes you don't have the cash to splash on something as expensive and need a cheap alternative. 
I don't normally use anything from Herbal Essences because in the past I felt that they left a slimy residue on my hair, but when I was moving house I needed to grab some affordable essentials that would 'tide me over' until I could afford to invest. I picked up the 'Honey I'm Strong' on sale in Superdrug for £1 and didn't really have any expectations of it, but I was proven wrong. I really love the smell of this product, it's not overpowering but still gives a bit of a scent. This conditioner does exactly what it says on the bottle, my hair felt soft and nourished AND best of all it didn't have that sticky residue that I had found before. 

I would absolutely buy both of these products again and recommend you to try them. BUT, I think that sometimes it doesn't matter whether you purchase a £1 conditioner or something that is more expensive, if it works for your hair then that is all you need. 

My Skincare Saviours

In the summer months, my skin is usually glowing, especially if I go on holiday! However, this year has been a little different. I have suffered a lot with really dry and cracked skin. The particular problem areas were underneath my eyes. They were puffy, red and generally really sore, this isn't something that is exactly ideal so I figured that I needed to do something about it. 

I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with the brand Herbalife, they offer health and wellness products and are well known for their shakes. But, I bet you didn't know that they actually offer skincare, all natural, fuss free skincare (and it's really good too!) 

I was sent  a few of their range to try and it was just in time as it was in the midst of my skin nightmare. 

The hero of the pack for me is their Daily Glow Moisturiser. Did you know that it can double the skins moisture for up to 8 hours! The thing that I loved about this was that although its was a gloomy heavy duty moisturiser, it didn't feel tacky or thick on my skin, it really just left me hydrated. 

Another fave of mine was the hydrating eye cream, as I said earlier under my eyes were a major problem area and it was really noticeable. After using this for a few weeks it literally changed the texture and look of my skin back to how it was before any issues. This was one of the first eye creams I have ever used and noticed a difference by using it once or twice a day and I loved it. 

I absolutely loved trying out these products as I can often find that I struggle getting in to a skincare routine but with these it was easy! Once my skin had cleared up and was back to normal, I found that incorporating them with the Estee Lauder Tinted Moisturiser gave me that perfect summer glow that I had wanted all season. 

Gym Clothing Lust List

I've been really in to the gym recently, its very cliche seen as though it's the New Year and I know that people always turn their noses up at New Years resolutions, but if it's a motivation then who cares. Im finding that being in University daily carrying your gym clothes around with you is a massive hassle, so I have been looking for clothes that can suit both studying during the day and then popping to the gym afterwards. Transitional clothing is so hard for me to find because I am such a glam person, I like my hair and makeup to look good at all times so getting used to being casual on a day to day basis was hard for me.

Maniere de Voire have been my go to website to find these pieces, they offer casual clothing that is super comfy, but still has so much sass and is on trend. I am also loving the nude colour palette and this is something that they do so well. I love the added mesh inserts for detail, most gym clothing all looks the same but these really help you stand out in the gym. They are definitely on my lust list for this year. You can find all these Kardashian-esque womens gym wear pieces on their website.

Have you been hitting the gym recently on that New Year health kick?

Christmas Gift Ideas - Jewellery with Mococo

As you all know, I work a lot with the lovely people at Mococo Jewellery, which is an online retailer specialising in Jewellery from beautiful brands such as Thomas Sabo, ChloBo, Pandora and many more. 
I just wanted to write a little post about them because as we all know Christmas is scarily fast approaching and everyone loves getting bits of Jewellery for Christmas. In my eyes it can be one of the most timeless and meaningful gifts. 

They sent me across this beautiful ChloBo bracelet with the engraving of 'All My Love' on it. A gift such as this would be perfect for that special someone in your life. It can be sentimental things like this that really mean a lot to someone and I know I would love to receive something along these lines. 

Not only do they stock lovely gifts like this, they can cater for all budgets as there is so many variety of brands and choices online at your fingertips which is something I greatly appreciate when the manic chrisms shopping time comes around.

Autumn/Winter with Apricot Clothing

I recently did a lovely collaboration with the honeys at Apricot clothing looking at their Autumn winter clothing. 
Autumn and winter is my absolute favourite time of year, I love cosy clothes and wrapping up warm. 

Apricot is a brand that I have heard of and I have seen stocked in various outfit shops and also New Look but I've never actually had a proper look at them. So when this collaboration came about I lept at the chance for it.
I picked two pieces from their range that I absolutely love and styled them up how I would wear them on a day to day basis. 

Firstly was this lovely satin feeling blouse which really caught my eye. I thought it would be really nice to dress up or down. Here I paired it with just a simple pair of leggings and my trusty over the knee boots. 

The other top that I ordered was just a beautiful high neck jumper in a grey colour. I love turtle necks in the winter, there is just something about them, they feel classy and are super practical in that cold weather. 
Again, I matched it here with my trusty leggings which are definitely a staple during the winter to keep me comfy and cosy. I also teamed it with this gorgeous suede jacket from Shores.